robostand in vehicle

-Our comfort module is the world's only turn-key solution for objective comfort validation.

-Robots perform JASO, SAE, and custom tests that provide quantified comfort data.

-The Module produces load vs. deflection curves for comparing load characteristics of seats.

-Deflection data taken at various points on seats reveal cross-sectional curves for the loaded and unloaded conditions.

-The use of a robot allows for comfort testing to be done inside a vehicle greatly reducing setup time.

2. Ingress/Egress Module



-Our ingress egress module uses Fanuc Robots and our customized software to simulate a person entering and exiting a seat.
-Robostand utilizes load and position feedback and can interface with data aquisition systems.
-A single robot can test multiple samples at once
-The ingress/egress module provides load profile development as well as testing.
-RCO has over 20 years experience developing programs for ingress/egress.

3. Durability Module



-The durability module utilizes FANUC robots in conjunction with our customized Durability software to create

real world simulations of repetitive operation of mechanical systems.
-The module can test complete automotive vehicles, such as door and trunk testing.
-Designed using real-time force, velocity and acceleration control, in addition to displacement control.
-Complete data logging is maintained on all control systems.
-Set limits can be used to establish operational criteria.
-Additional data acquisition is available via expansion.

Robostand Performs IP Product Strength and Rigidity Testing Video

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